About Us


We at ‘SpaceSutra’ create designs tailored to our clients unique personal styles and practical needs. The spaces we design are practical as well as aesthetically appealing. We strive to ensure that each one of our work is unique.

We look upon each design opportunity as an unfolding story. We execute our designs based on a thorough understanding of the available space, your budget, your purpose, the storage requirements and the surrounding natural ambiance.

SpaceSutra is always committed for delivering inspired designs that fulfill client expectations through collaboration and exceptional service. Minimalist, urban chic deigns make us stand apart in the residential space design.


Our Mission…

SpaceSutra’s mission is to cater to the client’s needs without compromising on the quality and ensure that the client gets the best possible design solution every time. SpaceSutra believes in excellence, quality, honesty and transparency.


Question: Why do you require an Interior designer?

  • Guaranteed professional work
  • Cost effective
  • Reduction of unnecessary expenses and indulgent purchases
  • Access to good quality material at wholesale prices from all around the country
  • Budget centric
  • Access to latest interior design ideas
  • Time Saving

Question: What are the benefits of hiring SpaceSutra for designing your home?

When you hire SpaceSutra to design your home, then you don’t need to be concerned about all the hassles involved in home designing, you can just leave everything to the professionals. SpaceSutra team ensures a professional standard of work with quality materials and design aesthetics within the stipulated budget. Often the total cost involved is less than doing it directly, owing to volume discounts from suppliers. Choosing best materials for interior designs takes more time, sometimes it will be hours, weeks or even months. To save your time and effort, you need SpaceSutra team to this for you.

Question: How do I choose best interior designer for my new home?

  • What’s your budget and what’s the cost of Interior designers
  • What’s your timeline
  • Check designers portfolio whether they meet your styles, standard and taste.

Once you have finalized all the things appropriately, then you choose the best interior designers near you who is most suitable for you.

Question: How much will furnishing cost?

Furnishing cost usually varies depending on client’s requirement, we usually obtain bulk rates from manufacturers and our in house cost is usually lower or at par with market rates. In fact, all discounts received from the vendors for our bulk orders are given back to the clients to provide the best deal.

Question: What does SpaceSutra charge for consultation, layouts & designing?

Our consultation services are offered complimentary to our clients if project execution is done through us. Designing, layouts, and estimations are also a part of our standard services. However, if only designing services are required, these are chargeable.

Question: What are the different interior design layouts offered by SpaceSutra?

  • Modern Interior Designs
  • Contemporary
  • Traditional Interior Styles
  • Rustic
  • Tropical
  • South-Western